zSeries and Storage Technical Conference, Innsbruck, Austria 11-15 April 2005

(Originally posted 2005-02-17.)

I’m fortunate to be presenting at this excellent conference.

Here’s the URL: http://www-306.ibm.com/services/learning/ites.wss?pageType=page&c=a0006121

There are many fine presentations on the agenda. My presentations are in the areas of DB2 Memory, CPU Management, “Modern” DB2 Applications’ performance, and DFSORT.

All of these are significantly updated from previous conferences, and the CPU one is brand new, in fact I’d better get writing it. 🙂

To blog or not to blog?

(Originally posted 2005-02-17.)

For me that isn’t really the question – I’ve been blogging inside IBM for about a year now. And the benefits are well-known to me.

So welcome to my customer-facing blog.

I do like to mention client situations. But (especially as I’m helping develop IBM’s blogging guidelines in this area) I’d like to think I will handle client situations sensitively: As most people who I’ve worked for know I don’t like to make my clients out to be fools. So I’ll try to avoid giving clues that would let you guess which client I’m talking about. But I will on occasion talk about technical topics from real installations. If you spot yourself in my blog I hope you’ll be pleased with the treatment. And if you’re not then please do me the favour of discreetly telling me you’ve a problem with it. And I’ll try to make amends.

I obviously can’t talk about IBM Confidential stuff. Nuff said. But a lot of what I do is developing analysis tools for our global consulting practice to use. And, strangely enough, I learn quite a bit from this, much of which is worth sharing.

Finally, this stuff is all just my opinion. I believe there is a mechanism for commenting on what I’ve said. Feel free to use it – I would be honoured if you would – and if not then do contact me via martin_packer@uk.ibm.com

Thank you and again welcome to my blog. Hopefully this is the last entry in the “meta” category for a while.