mdpre Markdown Preprocessor

mdpre Markdown Preprocessor A few days ago I released md2pptx, a Markdown to Powerpoint converter on GitHub as an open source project. You can find it here. Now I’m releasing a companion program – mdpre. This is a preprocessor for Markdown. You can find it here. I would’ve released them together and why I didn’tContinue reading “mdpre Markdown Preprocessor”

md2pptx Markdown To PowerPoint Converter

It’s been a long time since I started writing md2pptx. But finally I’ve open sourced it. A Problem Statement Of Sorts I wrote md2pptx because I got tired of four things: The process of embedding graphics in PowerPoint. The fact that pasting a picture into PowerPoint made the resulting presentation file huge. The location ofContinue reading “md2pptx Markdown To PowerPoint Converter”

What About The Others?

I just produced a new chart, which I think is worth sharing with you. I produced it for one specific use case, but I think it has slightly wider applicability. The Trouble With Outsourcers Quite often we get performance data from outsourcers, whether IBM or some other organisation. Generally they’re running LPARs from more thanContinue reading “What About The Others?”

Engineering – Part Five – z14 IOPs

I previously wrote about SMT in Born With A Measuring Spoon In It’s Mouth in 2016 – before z14 was announced. I also wrote about it again in 2016 in SMT – Some Actual Graphs. It’s been a year since z15 was announced so enough time has passed for me to want to write aboutContinue reading “Engineering – Part Five – z14 IOPs”

Mainframe Performance Topics Podcast Episode 26 “Sounding Board”

In Episode 25 I said it had been a long time since we had recorded anything. That was true for Episode 25, but it certainly wasn’t true for Episode 26. What is true is that it’s taken us a long time from start to finish on this episode, and ever so much has happened alongContinue reading “Mainframe Performance Topics Podcast Episode 26 “Sounding Board””

Engineering – Part Four – Activating And Deactivating LPARs Causes HiperDispatch Adjustments

(This post follows on from Engineering – Part Two – Non-Integer Weights Are A Thing, rather than Engineering – Part Three – Whack A zIIP). I was wondering why my HiperDispatch calculations weren’t working. As usual, I started with the assumption my code was broken. My code consists of two main parts: Code to buildContinue reading “Engineering – Part Four – Activating And Deactivating LPARs Causes HiperDispatch Adjustments”

zIIP Capacity And Performance Presentation

A few years ago I built a presentation on zIIP Capacity Planning. It highlighted the need for better capacity planning for zIIPs and outlined precisely why zIIPs couldn’t be run as busy as general purpose processors (GCPs). Since then a lot has changed. And I, in common with most people, have a lot more experienceContinue reading “zIIP Capacity And Performance Presentation”