Mainframe Performance Topics Podcast Episode 30 “Choices Choices”

It’s been a mighty long time since Marna and I got a podcast episode out – and actually we started planning this episode long ago. It’s finding good times to record that does it to us, as planning can be a bit more asynchronous. Hopefully this delay has enabled some of you to catch upContinue reading “Mainframe Performance Topics Podcast Episode 30 “Choices Choices””

Third Time’s The Charm For SRB – Or Is it?

Passing reference to Blondes Have More Fun – Or Do They?. Yeah, I know, it’s a tortuous link. 🙂 And, nah, I never did own that album. 🙂 I first wrote about System Recovery Boost (SRB) and Recovery Process Boost (RPB) in SRB And SMF. Let me quote one passage from it: It should alsoContinue reading “Third Time’s The Charm For SRB – Or Is it?”

Really Starting Something

This post is about gleaning start and stop information from SMF – which, to some extent, is not a conventional purpose. But why do we care about when IPLs happen? Likewise middleware starts and stops? Or any other starts and stops? I think, if you’ll pardon the pun, we should stop and think about this.Continue reading “Really Starting Something”

What’s The Use?

It’s “Sun Up” on Conference Season – and I have a new presentation. It’s called “What’s The Use?” And it’s a collaboration with Scott Ballentine of z/OS Development. It’s very much a “field guy meets product developer” sort of thing. It emerged from a conversation on IBM’s internal Slack system. The idea is very simple:Continue reading “What’s The Use?”