Time to get creative

(Originally posted 2005-02-20.)

Well, now I’m on the agenda at these two conferences I’m confronted with the task of actually getting 4 presentations out the door by March 4th. Thankfully

  1. Three are updates of existing presentations, varying in effort quite considerably.
  2. Two are shared between the two conferences

Of course it doesn’t help that the UKCMG presentation slots are shorter by 15 minutes than those in the zSeries conference.

As I’m writing “Much Ado About CPU” – and this is one of the dual-use ones – I have to think about what to leave out of the UKCMG version. As I’m talking about IRD and zAAPs (inter alia) which have an “implementation” element I’m thinking of skipping that at UKCMG.

(I can hide behind the “I’ve always been a pontificator and never a sysprog” line whenever the implementation details become “inconvenient” to talk about.) 🙂

Now to go and find out at least something about IRD managing Linux partitions. None of my clients has presented me with that as a serious topic before. 😦

Published by Martin Packer

I'm a mainframe performance guy and have been for the past 35 years. But I play with lots of other technologies as well.

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