DB2 Data Sharing Performance for Beginners

(Originally posted 2006-04-06.)

I’m strongly considering writing a DB2 Data Sharing For Beginners presentation. In fact I have a proposal in to do just such a thing for the US z/OS Conference (in Orlando in October). Obviously that would be a presentation I’d like to take to eg UKCMG and the EMEA z/OS Conference next year.

Would this be of general interest?

When I say For Beginners I’m not entirely sure I mean that. 🙂

Certainly I’d like to start simple – with such things as the kinds of structures DB2 uses and also the various configuration options an installation has. But I think I also want to talk about such things as the detailed XCF traffic that Data Sharing causes and also the effect of Coupling Facility Duplexing. (Actually if I get fancy I’d like to talk about the new RFCOM (Read For Castout Multiple) and WARM (Write And Register Multiple) Coupling Facility commands that DB2 Version 8 uses.)

As you know I like to keep feet in both (DB2 and z/OS) camps so this presentation would come at it from both angles. (It would be hard to justify just looking at Data Sharing from just the z/OS or DB2 angles.

But mainly my personal slant on this will be from the instrumentation perspective – with some nice examples to illustrate a few points.

As readers of this blog probably are my target audience…

  • Do you see this as a presentation you’d like to see someone put together?
  • What would you like to see in it?
  • Would you think a formal paper would be necessary? Or just the foils?

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