Two SMF Type 30 APARs

(Originally posted 2006-02-22.)

APARs OA14769 and OA14340 document changes to the SMF 30 record. Whether you call them enhancements or fixes depends on your perspective…

APAR OA14769 is marked FIN which means no fix is immediately available, but one is expected some time in the next 24 months. SMF30MES should be set to ’02’x whenever MEMLIMIT is explicitly coded in JCL, or in the SMFPRMxx member of parmlib, but if MEMLIMIT=0 is coded in the JCL or SMFPRMxx, the value in SMF30MES is incorrectly set to ’00’x.

APAR OA14340 handles better the case where EXCP counts overflow the field. (SMF 33 and 34 are also enhanced for the same condition.)

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