An Excellent Paper on Uniprocessor Performance Management

(Originally posted 2007-03-20.)

My good friend Linda August (of the IBM Washington Systems Center and previously of the global Performance Management team I was a member of) has written a very good paper (and an accompanying presentation she gave at SHARE in February).

The theme is highly topical: The management of uniprocessor LPARs. Topical because of the increased uniprocessor speed of the z990 and particularly the z9 processor families, which is leading customers to want to define LPARs with perhaps only a single logical engine.

It’s a thumpingly good read, covering a number of topics in the general areas of

  • Changes in ready dispatcher to help SRM run work more efficiently in general
  • WLM policy and MVS settings to help manage uniprocessor environment
  • Managing CPU-intensive work
  • z/OS functions which override WLM assigned dispatching priorities

The above list taken direct from her agenda foil.

The paper goes all the way back to the MVS/ESA “Reduced Pre-emption” line item. But it contains information about changes over all the years since. There are things in the paper and presentation that I didn’t know about – but I wouldn’t claim to be “omniscient in detail”.

You can get the paper from here. If questions or comments arise I’ll either handle them myself or point Linda to them. So do feel free to comment on the paper here.

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