z/OS R.9 RMF Parallel Sysplex New Fields

(Originally posted 2007-11-12.)

I’ve just re-read the XCF (74-2) and CF (74-4) sections of the z/OS Release 9 SMF Manual. There are some nice things in there…

XCF (74-2)

  • Number of buffer 1KB blocks by path (R742PUSE). This should tell you whether memory waste by over-specifying CLASSLEN is a problem. And some of the other scenarios.
  • Member job name (R742MJOB). I’d like to believe this would tell us which IRLM a given member is, for example.

Coupling Facility (74-4)

  • Whether this CF LPAR is using Dynamic Dispatch (R744FFLG bit 3)
  • How many shared processors (R744FPSN) and how many dedicated processors (R744FPDN) this CF LPAR has.
  • Structure Execution Time (R744SETM) which requires CFLEVEL 15. Useful for Coupling Facility capacity planning.
  • Whether this processor is dedicated (R744PTYP) and what its weight is if it’s shared (R744PWGT).

I haven’t actually looked at any sample R.9 data yet. I’ll have to put that to rights and get back to you when I see some of these numbers in action. But I do think they extend the data model rather nicely, particularly the CF CPU stuff.

Has anyone seen this data in action yet?

On Further Investigation…

I have found a set of 1.9 data. And here’s what I can immediately confirm…

R742MJOB is a very usable job name. Here’s an example…


#38:   +0000:  E2E8E2C2 40404040 C9E7C3D3 D6F0F0F4  *SYSB    IXCLO004
       +0010:  D4F8F040 40404040 40404040 40404040  *M80             
       +0020:  00030000 0000001A 00000016 00000000  *                
       +0030:  C7D9E240 40404040                    *GRS             

Whereas before we had an anonymous member (M80) and an anonymous lock structure (IXCL0004) we now know that M80 is SYSB’s GRS address space and therefore that IXCL0004 is GRS Star. Other Lock Structure exploiters similarly fall into place. I think this will be more interesting for eg IRLM.

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