I’ve A Little Button To Banish SPAMmers

(Originally posted 2007-12-14.)

Occasionally you’ll (hopefully briefly) see SPAM comments on this blog. I’m grown up about this sort of thing and just remove the comments when I see them. I hope you’re grown up enough to cope with this irritating phenomenon as well.

But I’ve gotten fed up with having to mark these comments as SPAM. So I added some code to my Firefox extension to create a little button on my “Comment Management” page. Press this button and all the comments at the end of the list of comments for a blog entry get marked as SPAM. And hence disappear from under YOUR nose. 🙂

Of course I do get genuine comments. So there’s an easy mechanism to mark them as NOT SPAM. And I’ll use that. But there are MANY more SPAM comments than genuine ones. It just requires me to scan the list of comments once in a while and mark the genuine ones as not SPAM.

Unfortunately this is part of an IBM Internal Firefox extension – as MOST of its function is of little use to non-IBMers. But I might soon be getting to the point where I want to re-engineer to surface some stuff. In the meantime any other IBM with a developerWorks blog who happens to pass by should feel free to contact me to get a copy of “Commentator” as it’s called.

(As to the name “Commentator” it arose from the original function – more than 2 years ago – to spruce up Internal Blog COMMENTing by making it easy to add links and to do various text effects. It’s come a long way since then.)

Published by Martin Packer

I'm a mainframe performance guy and have been for the past 35 years. But I play with lots of other technologies as well.

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