System z Technical Conference – Dresden

(Originally posted 2008-05-03.)

Tomorrow I fly to Dresden for the annual European System z Technical Conference. It’s at just the time of year when I can decide in my head that Spring has sprung and that Summer won’t be long coming. 🙂

This is a great conference and I always enjoy attending it (and presenting at it). Talking of which, I have three sessions this year:

  • Much Ado About CPU which has a fair modicum of new stuff, including material on System z10.
  • Memory Matters in 2008 for which the updates are mainly in the System memory area, particularly the 1MB Pages support in System z10
  • DB2 Data Sharing Performance For Beginners which actually isn’t much changed. (As I will be spending late May and much of June in Poughkeepsie working on a Parallel Sysplex Performance Redbook maybe the next iteration will be substantially changed.)

I’m also looking forward to a number of other sessions. No doubt I’ll get to say a few words in those as well. 🙂 In particular Kevin Keller’s session on “Web 2.0 and z/OS” has caught my fancy. (As you probably know I really do feel we in the mainframe community ought to pay attention to things like Web 2.0 and bid for z/OS to run the infrastructure.)

So I hope to see lots of you in Dresden.

Published by Martin Packer

I'm a mainframe performance guy and have been for the past 35 years. But I play with lots of other technologies as well.

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