Web 2.0 and System z Pilot Workshop – And Other Conversations

(Originally posted 2008-07-11.)

A couple of days ago I attended the pilot of a “Web 2.0 and System z” workshop in the Boeblingen lab. I’m pleased to say the room was full – both with IBMers and non-IBMers. And I think my presentation – which was basically a rant about Web 2.0 Behaviours and why we should adopt them as mainframe folks 🙂 – went OK.

One of the things that was interesting about it was that on greeting Luis Suarez (@elsua on Twitter) we felt it natural to hug – though we’d never physically met before. I think that’s a testament to the power of relationships built through Social Networking. Oh, and I made new friends as a result of the workshop. So welcome @ansi, @frogpond and @rodet – all Twitter users.

Actually there were lots of things interesting about the workshop and another one will be running in the Autumn. I gather there’ll be some “hands on” then, which I’d encourage.

I’m wondering if other people would like to see such a workshop – in other parts of the world.

And it was nice to reprise my presentation the next day in front of WLM, RMF and Capacity Provisioning Manager (CPM) developers.

And now my copy of the O’Reilly book “Dojo: The Definitive Guide” has arrived. So I’m “Web 2.0’ed out” for the week. 🙂 Actually the book looks like it covers the ground quite well. I have a half-jesting rule of thumb: If there’s an O’Reilly book about a technology it’s probably ready. If there’s a “For Dummies” book on the subject it’s probably boring, dulle and passe. 🙂

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I'm a mainframe performance guy and have been for the past 35 years. But I play with lots of other technologies as well.

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