IBM System z Technical University – Vienna, May 2-6

(Originally posted 2011–04–11.)

I’m working on my presentations for System z Technical University – Vienna, May 2–6 and I’m reviewing the agenda. As well as my four presentations there are lots of other goodies. These range from the Management level down to the purely technical. (I guess mine are towards the latter end of the scale – but I’d say there’s lots of pressure on us all to work on cost so detailed information on e.g. CPU has real impact.) In the other dimension there’s a very wide range of topics.

For the record I’m speaking on the following topics:

  • Memory Matters in 2011
  • Much Ado About CPU
  • Parallel Sysplex Performance
  • DB2 Data Sharing Performance For Beginners

These are all what I call “rolling” presentations: They evolve with time. If you haven’t seen them for a couple of years they’re substantially different. (Actually that’s probably true if it’s only been a year – as it will be for some of the luckier attendees.)

I’ll be a day late to the conference as I’m seeing Brian May and Kerry Ellis in concert at the Albert Hall the day before so won’t travel until the Monday. ( This concert is for a great cause: Leukemia and Lymphoma Research.)

I always enjoy these conferences: They’re generally in nice places but, more to the point, it’s great to run into old friends (customers, vendors and IBMers) and make new ones. And it’s always nice to hear things like “I saw you last year in Berlin and I’ll be in Vienna this year” (said by an Austrian customer back in February).

So, I think this conference is a great investment of time and money. And I feel very lucky to be attending yet again. See you there!

(Meanwhile I hope to be publishing my “Batch Architecture, Part One” post some time this week. I’m working on two batch situations that hopefully will inform the post, even if they delay it.)

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I'm a mainframe performance guy and have been for the past 35 years. But I play with lots of other technologies as well.

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