Touring The Upcoming Batch Optimization On z/OS Redbook

(Originally posted 2011-10-14.)

As mentioned here, I recently participated in a residency in Poughkeepsie. Our task was to write the "Batch Optimization on z/OS" redbook that we hope will get out soon (though I think early next year is the most realistic timescale).

These past two weeks I "toured" the redbook in the Nordics: 5 cities in 2 weeks (Helsinki, Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm and Aarhus). I really wish I could’ve taken the whole "band" on tour – but that wasn’t to be. 😦

So here’s the abstract for the presentation:

Batch performance optimization remains a hot topic for many customers, whether merging workloads, supporting growth, removing cost or extending the online day. This presentation outlines a structured methodology for optimizing the batch window, incorporating techniques written about in a Redbook written by experts from around the world. This methodology is well-structured and draws on information every installation should have access to."

I’ve just uploaded the slides to Slideshare. If you read them the first section is a small amount about the residency. The rest of it pretty much follows the book’s structure. (I mention in the first section that other residents (in the other room) were working on batch containers. I don’t describe these.)

So, I hope you enjoy the slides, and I’m pleased so many people were able to be in my audience. I’d like to reach even more of you some time – as I think our messages are important. And I also hope I represented the viewpoints of my fellow residents adequately: Though we all walked in with very different ideas I think we managed to very constructively meld them together into a methodology we can all be proud of.

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