Two Potential New Presentations – Coming Soon?

(Originally posted 2012-12-09.)

I’m trying to put some structure on the idea of Life And Times Of An Address Space. The best way to do it, I think, is to attempt a taxonomy of address space types. So here’s an initial stab:

One thing that immediately comes to mind is you can map useful SMF record types onto it:

Three things:

  • I think it immediately betrays my bias towards SMF 30 in what I get to write about. But I think that’s the point: Making instrumentation tell useful stories.
  • I haven’t attempted to draw in the product-specific instrumentation. I may well do so as another point of the presentation is likely to be “to get really useful you sometimes need to go to product-specific stuff.
  • On a technical note, batch jobs run in initiators – which are typically long running. In fact (e.g. with WLM-Managed Initiators) this might not be the case. In any case I think this is a useful simplification that might survive this writing process.

At this point the purpose of publishing this “0.0” version (as you’d see from the URLs of the two pictures) is in case someone says “you’ve got the taxonomy all wrong” or “I don’t like the direction you’re headed in. Though you might find it a useful taxonomy all in its own right.

Yes, I know the annotation is unsubtle. It’s an experiment with Skitch annotation. Of course my home-grown HTML5 Canvas annotation code is much nicer. 🙂

And the product logos are also probably not the final ones I’ll end up with: They’re really my first go at adding graphics to a MindNode-produced mind map. (And I’ve not tried using MindNode for taxonomy before.)

Still, it’s better than a beer mat. (Who am I kidding?) 🙂

Now, if you were to annotate either graphic and send it back to me that’d be interesting, dontcha fink?

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