New zIIP Capacity Planning Presentation

(Originally posted 2014-02-19.)

In zIIP Address Space Instrumentation I discussed the subject of zIIP Capacity Planning.

What I was working on – but wasn’t ready to reveal – was a presentation on zIIP Capacity Planning. But I was also working on my new “zIIP CPU From Type 30” code. And that’s indeed what that post is about.

Now I am in a position to reveal my new presentation. You can get it from here. Usually I present a new set of slides at some conference or other, and then publish on Slideshare. This time I’m doing it the other way round.

Thst does, of course, present a small risk: It’s possible conference organisers will decide they don’t need me to present. I’ll take that risk as:

  • I consider this material to be important to get out there.
  • This is a living presentation.
  • I think people want to hear me anyway. 🙂

The “important” bit is, ahem, important. 🙂 It relates to the fact that DB2 Version 10 changes the rules a bit: As I said in zIIP Address Space Instrumentation it’s the first zIIP exploiter that has especially stringent[1] requirements for access to CPU. This means you need to examine zIIP CPU more critically than ever. This message bears repeating, controversial as it probably is.

The “living presentation” bit relates to the fact that each customer situation teaches me something It’s a fair bet future ones will influence this presentation, without negating its essential thrust. Indeed several situations over the past three months have led to this presentation being better. I also have John Campbell and Kathy Walsh to thank for this being a significantly better presentation now.

Anyhow, feel free to read the slides and tell me what you think. And hopefully I’ll get to present the material a fair few times.[2].

  1. “Stringent” is the best word I’ve come up with so far.
    The only other contender has been “critical” but that’s already taken, as in “CPU Critical”.

  2. When I first drafted this post a few weeks ago I had no opportunities to present lined up. Now, at the time of posting, I have two in the UK:

    • 2 April 2014: Large Systems GSE Working Group, probably IBM Southbank.
    • 9 April 2014: GSE/UKCMG zCapacity Management and zPerformance Analysis Working Group, IBM Bedfont Lakes.

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