On The Third Day

(Originally posted 2013-10-09.)

Actually it’s not been quite that bad, jetlagwise. 🙂 So on this third day we’re moving into the creative phase. For example I might be writing actual Redbook text, Karen might be writing actual COBOL, and Dean might be telling TWS to do his actual bidding. 🙂

The past two days have been filled with kick off and getting stuff set up. We did, though, sketch out an outline of the Redbook. So that gives me somewhere to start writing from.

(It’s nice to hear cries of joy from the other room.) 🙂

Here’s a nice picture of the team – courtesy of Ann Lund:

From left to right Dean (@steamheaduk), myself (@martinpacker) and Karen (@kazgl6).

And, as this is all being done on a z/OS 2.1 system, I’ve experimented with processing SMF data with REXX, using the new VBS support in EXECIO, and a blog post is in the works. But I’ll have to save that for another day. And we’re all individually discovering the joy of “=xall” to get out of ISPF.

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I'm a mainframe performance guy and have been for the past 35 years. But I play with lots of other technologies as well.

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