Innsbruck z/OS and Storage Conference – Day 2

(Originally posted 2005-04-13.) Session z05: z/OS Sysprog Goody Bag, Presenter: Bob Rogers Bob is always good value. This time was no exception. Consoles Restructure undertaken because a problem cause analysis for Parallel Sysplex showed Consoles as being theweakest link. Also there was a need to remove some constraints, such as the 1-byte console ID, plusContinue reading “Innsbruck z/OS and Storage Conference – Day 2”

Innsbruck z/OS and Storage Conference – Day 1

(Originally posted 2005-04-11.) Here’s a summary of MY first day at the z/OS and Storage conference in Innsbruck. I’ll be reporting from a PERSONAL point of view (using Notepad to capture thoughts). Hopefully some of these items will be of some use to you. I admit this is all a bit raw. Already I’ve runContinue reading “Innsbruck z/OS and Storage Conference – Day 1”

DB2 UDB for z/OS Performance Topics

(Originally posted 2005-03-09.) I always look forward to the publication of the “DB2 Performance Topics” red book for each release of DB2. This time was no exception. Except: I was lucky enough to participate in reviewing this one – for Version 8. Most of the credit, though, goes to a great team of residents andContinue reading “DB2 UDB for z/OS Performance Topics”

WLM Balancing Initiators In Sysplex

(Originally posted 2005-03-09.) Here’s the gist of an Info APAR on the subject: OA10114. This documentation APAR was taken to enhance the information in the WLM Planning book to more clearly state that the intent of the WLM Managed Batch Initiator Balancing enhancement is not to evenly distribute the batch workload among systems in theContinue reading “WLM Balancing Initiators In Sysplex”

DB2 Fix for Star Join

(Originally posted 2005-03-09.) PK01266 enables parallelism in Star Join under an additional set of circumstances: From the APAR Database: STAR JOIN QUERY ON NON-PARTITIONED FACT TABLE DOES NOT GET CPU PARALLELISM CHOSEN WHEN MULTIPLE CPUS ARE AVAILABLE Starjoin queries with non-partitioned fact table can encounter poor performance since CPU parallelism may not be enabled. TheContinue reading “DB2 Fix for Star Join”

A question for those of you that send data into IBM

(Originally posted 2005-02-24.) I’m investigating FTP support for our process. That would mean allowing customers to send their data via FTP to either of two IBM-owned sites: One in Mainz, Germany and the other in Boulder, Colorado. The question is: Is it easier for customers to send data via FTP? Or on tape? I’m thinkingContinue reading “A question for those of you that send data into IBM”

Processing DB2 Unload / DSNTIAUL data with DFSORT – VARCHAR Fields

(Originally posted 2005-02-21.) In our process we unload the DB2 Catalog with DSNTIAUL and then use the resulting files in our analysis. When prototyping new code, or just plain trying different queries out, we use DFSORT. However VARCHARs pose a bit of a problem, encoded as they are with a 2-byte length and padded withContinue reading “Processing DB2 Unload / DSNTIAUL data with DFSORT – VARCHAR Fields”

Time to get creative

(Originally posted 2005-02-20.) Well, now I’m on the agenda at these two conferences I’m confronted with the task of actually getting 4 presentations out the door by March 4th. Thankfully Three are updates of existing presentations, varying in effort quite considerably. Two are shared between the two conferences Of course it doesn’t help that theContinue reading “Time to get creative”

DFSORT Processing SMF Records

(Originally posted 2005-02-18.) It’s going to sound like the only thing I talk about is DFSORT. While that isn’t entirely true I am currently updating my “What’s New With DFSORT?” foils. And it made me think about processing SMF data… In our internal analysis processes we chuck SMF data around quite a bit, whether subsettingContinue reading “DFSORT Processing SMF Records”