Workload Manager And DB2 Presentation Abstract

(Originally posted 2014-08-18.)

I’m pleased to be presenting three sessions at UK GSE Annual Conference, Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th November in Whittlebury Hall.

Two are on the zCMPA (Performance and Capacity or “UKCMG”) track:

  • Life and Times of an Address Space (Tuesday)
  • zIIP Capacity Planning (Wednesday)

I’ve written about these extensively. Obviously they’re evolved a bit and I have specific reasons to believe my experience will be further evolved between now and then.

But there’s a new one, on the DB2 track:

  • Workload Manager and DB2 (Tuesday)

I can’t be crisp about how this presentation came about 🙂 but I’m pleased to be doing it.

So here’s the abstract:

DB2 people don’t know WLM. WLM people don’t know DB2.

A slightly “cartoon” view but with an element of truth.

The point of this presentation is to unite the two perspectives, to give better DB2 performance while ensuring WLM is properly set up.

Over the years a recurrent theme has been enabling conversations between z/OS and DB2 people (and I admit to be more in the former camp than the latter).

By the way, I know it’s been a long time since I last posted. I might’ve totally lost my audience, but somehow I don’t think so. 🙂

I had a lovely holiday in Australia and then got very busy with a number of customer situations (which, personally, is the way I like to be). And, frankly, I had nothing to say. So I didn’t say it. 🙂 But now, while I’ve a heavy caseload, I’m seeing things that make me go “hmmm?” 🙂

I’m also pleased to say that my good friend Dave Betten joined the team I’m in as our Batch expert on 1st August. I’m hoping to coax some “guest posts” out of him, particularly in the area of DFSORT Performance. It’s great to have him onboard! I should also say I’m not giving up Batch and Dave is going to work on the full range of engagements I’m involved in. Two heads, I hope, will be better than one. For completeness, I’m also pleased to have Dave Hauser continue as our DB2 Performance lead.

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