Good Things Come in Threes?

(Originally posted 2015-11-16.)

It's that time of year when I start to think about writing conference presentations for user groups and conferences in 2016.

Already I have three in mind, with varying degrees of sketchiness. Their working titles are:

  • He Picks On CICS
  • Fun With DDF
  • So You Want To Be A Better Performance Specialist?

I don't want to “design by committee ” and as for focus groups yeugh! 🙂 But I do care about what what topics my readers and audience are interested in.

I have my ideas, as the above list shows, but I'd like to hear yours.

IBM doesn't mind what I write about, there being no agenda other than the obvious one of “mainframe performance is fascinating”. Presentations are another matter as I really need a platform – whether a conference or a user group.1

It's not an “either or” situation: I could produce a barrage of presentations for the conference season2, or dribble them out throughout the year.

I'm experimenting with Twitter Polls 3 so I might do one on this list of topics. The relative shares will be interesting but more so the level of interest. My Twitter following, though, is dominated by people who aren't mainframers.

Worth a try once, though, as so many things are. 🙂

(This post was banged out on my phone between Heathrow and Munich, en route to speaking all day at an ITSO workshop in Warsaw.)

  1. Actually that's not strictly true as good material comes in handy at unexpected times. And there's always Slideshare. And besides I learn quite a bit by writing. 

  2. I'm not entirely sure when this is: Formally it could be System z Technical University in May, but user group meetings happen all the way through the year. 

  3. It appears Twitter are only experimenting with this as well right now: There is no API, Tweetbot tell me. Furthermore even the web implementation looks basic, with very short choice text limits. 

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