Ethel The Frog And Other Animals

(Originally posted 2018-07-26.)

“Mum!” came the cry in the middle of the night. You can imagine how well that was received.1

“There’s a frog in the bathroom!” shouted my daughter. Indignant or horrified, you decide. 🙂

So, a number of thoughts occurred:

  • It can’t do us any harm; It’s tiny and probably more scared of us than any of us are of it.
  • Picking it up is not an option; It could be poisonous to touch and probably wouldn’t stay on the plastic safety briefing, even if we got it onto it.
  • The lizard we saw in the afternoon in the room escaped as soon as we opened the door. Frogs are at least as smart as lizards… 🙂
  • We’re probably not going to tread on it – unless we’re colossally clumsy or stupid.
  • Shampoo and shower gel are probably not good for a frog, but otherwise I don’t mind sharing the shower with it. 🙂

Also uttered was “Mum! Why did you let the frog in?” 🙂

Of course the frog was gone2 in the morning.

Meanwhile, as I write this on the balcony of our room, there’s a wallaby a few feet below us, foraging3; It knows we’re here but it really doesn’t care. Respect!

  1. Fortunately there were no other guests in the cabin, despite there being 5 other rooms. 🙂

  2. For Some Value Of (FSVO) “gone”. 🙂

  3. And we’re discussing how it eats, right now. 🙂 Sometimes it doesn’t put its front paws down, presumably balancing using its big tail. Or its long feet.

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