Screencast 13 – Topology Today

(Originally posted 2018-10-10.)

I can’t say I’ve learnt much about screencasting since I published Screencast 12 – Get WLM Set Up Right For DB2 but it’s certainly been a while. I have, of course, learnt quite a bit about other stuff.

So I just released Screencast 13 – Topology Today.

It pulls together a couple of use cases for the SMF 30 Usage Data Section. This section, as I’m sure I’ve said many times, gives lots of insight into how address spaces connect together. I’m using the term “Topology” as I really can’t think of a better one.

After some preamble I give two examples:

  1. CICS into DB2
  2. Batch into MQ (and also DB2)

It’s just under 10 minutes long – which is where each of the past three screencasts has been. If you were impatient and skipped past the introductory slides these two examples would make rather less sense.

Production Notes

This time, in Camtasia, I learnt how to fade to black. It took a few goes to get it right – and it basically involves dragging an effects “tile” over the section you want to fade over and then stretching the tile to control the fade out time.

Thankfully with this screencast I didn’t have the same issues with huffing and puffing in the audio: By ramping up my exercise over the past couple of months that issue has gone away, I’m pleased to say.

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I'm a mainframe performance guy and have been for the past 35 years. But I play with lots of other technologies as well.

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