Mainframe Performance Topics Podcast Episode 25 “Flit For Purpose”

It’s been a long time since Marna and I recorded anything. So long in fact that I’d forgotten how to use my favoured audio editor Ferrite on iOS. But it soon came back to me. Indeed the app has moved on somewhat since I last used it – in a number of good ways. So,Continue reading “Mainframe Performance Topics Podcast Episode 25 “Flit For Purpose””

More On Native Stored Procedures

(Originally posted 2019-08-25.) This follows up on Going Native With Stored Procedures?, and it contains a nice illustrative graph. I could excuse a follow up so soon with the words "imagine how unreadably long the post would be I had written this as all as one piece”. However, the grubby truth is I got toContinue reading “More On Native Stored Procedures”

Going Native With Stored Procedures?

(Originally posted 2019-08-04.) I hope the term “Going Native” isn’t considered offensive. If it is my defence is that I didn't coin the term “Native Stored Procedures” and that’s what I’m alluding to. This post is about realising the benefit of Native Stored Procedures for DDF callers. Most particularly, assessing the potential benefit of convertingContinue reading “Going Native With Stored Procedures?”

Engineering – Part Three – Whack A zIIP

(Originally posted 2019-08-02.) (I’m indebted to Howard Hess for the title. You’ll see why it’s appropriate in a bit.) Since I wrote Engineering – Part Two – Non-Integer Weights Are A Thing I’ve been on holiday and, refreshed, I’ve set to work on supporting the SMF 99 Subtype 14 record. Working with this data isContinue reading “Engineering – Part Three – Whack A zIIP”

Mainframe Performance Topics Podcast Episode 24 “Our Wurst Episode”

(Originally posted 2019-06-18.) You’ll have to pardon the pun in our latest podcast episode’s title. We were also somewhat delayed in getting this out – due to our busy schedules and a few technical gremlins. Hopefully it’s worth the wait. It’s also quite a long episode so if you listen to it on your commuteContinue reading “Mainframe Performance Topics Podcast Episode 24 “Our Wurst Episode””

Elementary My Dear Sherlock

(Originally posted 2019-06-08.) Students of English literature won’t be alone in recognising the allusion in this post’s title.But this post isn’t about literature.[1]. Sherlocking, as described here is a phenomenon where a developer ships something – typically an app – but then Apple comes along and announces its own version of it. In very recentContinue reading “Elementary My Dear Sherlock”