zIIP Capacity And Performance Presentation

A few years ago I built a presentation on zIIP Capacity Planning. It highlighted the need for better capacity planning for zIIPs and outlined precisely why zIIPs couldn’t be run as busy as general purpose processors (GCPs). Since then a lot has changed. And I, in common with most people, have a lot more experienceContinue reading “zIIP Capacity And Performance Presentation”

So You Don’t Think You’re An Architect?

Every year I try to write one new presentation. Long ago, it feels like, I started on my “new for 2020” presentation. It’s the culmination-so-far 🙂 of my “architecture thing”. “What Architecture thing?” some of you might be asking. It’s quite a simple idea, really: It’s the notion that SMF records can be used forContinue reading “So You Don’t Think You’re An Architect?”

sd2html, An Open Source WLM Service Definition Formatter

There have been a number of WLM Service Definition formatters over the years. So why do we need another one? Well, maybe we don’t but this one is an open source one, covered by the MIT licence. That means you can change it: You could contribute to the project. You could modify it for yourContinue reading “sd2html, An Open Source WLM Service Definition Formatter”

filterCSV, An Open Source Preprocessor For Mind Mapping Software

I have a number of ideas for things I want to open source, some directly related to the day job and some not. This post is about one piece of software that I use in my day job but which you probably wouldn’t recognise as relevant to mainframe performance. To me the rule of thumbContinue reading “filterCSV, An Open Source Preprocessor For Mind Mapping Software”

Let’s Play Master And Servant

I’ve been experimenting with invoking services on one machine from another. None of these machines have been mainframes. They’ve been iPads, iPhones, Macs and Raspberry Pis. I’ve used the plural but the only one actively dualed is iPhone. And that plays a part of the story. For the purpose of this post you can viewContinue reading “Let’s Play Master And Servant”

Mainframe Performance Topics Podcast Episode 25 “Flit For Purpose”

It’s been a long time since Marna and I recorded anything. So long in fact that I’d forgotten how to use my favoured audio editor Ferrite on iOS. But it soon came back to me. Indeed the app has moved on somewhat since I last used it – in a number of good ways. So,Continue reading “Mainframe Performance Topics Podcast Episode 25 “Flit For Purpose””