Mainframe Performance Topics Podcast Episode 7 “We Were On A Break”

(Originally posted 2016-09-10.)

Getting back “in the studio” was really nice. And we never had any doubt we’d keep recording – so the title is very tongue in cheek.

Below are the show notes.

The series is here.

Episode 7 is here.

Episode 7 “We Were On A Break” Show Notes

Here are the show notes for Episode 7 “We Were On a Break”. The show is called “We Were On a Break” because:

  • It’s been a very long time since we last recorded an episode. You should read nothing into other than our schedules and, in particular, Martin’s long holiday put paid to recording for a while.

    But now we’re back…

We had one piece of follow up:

  • IBM Doc Buddy – available for iOS and Android.

    This app has been enhanced with new components (aka libraries) and has received some fixes that users have found. There’s a very reponsive team working on this tool! This app is now better than the old LookAt tool, since reason codes can be searched.


Our “Mainframe” topic was a discussion on Continuous Delivery.

Marna talked about four important references to understand what the z/OS platform is doing for Continuous Delivery. (IBM is embracing Agile development for many new functions, and will be providing those functions to customers in a Continuous Delivery method.)

Takeaway: some products will be putting their new functions in the service stream, while others might be putting them in releases. Read announcements carefully to see which of your products is following which model.


Our “Performance” topic was an extension of this blog post of Martin’s: Why Do We Keep Building Bigger Machines?

We acknowledge this is quite a high level treatment but it’s a question that we’re sure has been in the back of lots of minds. We’ve ideas to take some of the subtopics and make them topics in their own right.


In our “Topics” section we discussed what we (especially Martin) are using for creating presentations these days.

Products Martin mentioned were:

These are all available in some form or other for both Mac OS and iOS. And, of course, other tools are available.

Where We’ll Be

Martin is going nowhere fast. 🙂 Seriously, his travel plans are relatively local for the next few weeks.

Marna is going to:

Interesting Customer Requirements

Here’s two customer requirements we’ve taken notice of. Of course, IBM may or may not decide to do them, but they might be interesting if you’d like to vote on them.

  • “zFS Definitions of Greater Than 4 GB Not Being SMS-Managed Should be Available Under IDCAMS”, ID 92523

  • “Let IBM Knowledge Center search within a manual and simplify the use”, ID 93288 .

Request for Enhancements (RFEs) can be found here. Most z/OS items are under Brand “Servers and Systems Software”, and Product “z/OS”. Hint: use “I want to specify the brand, product family, and product” when searching.

On The Blog

As well as Why Do We Keep Building Bigger Machines?, Martin posted to his blog since our last episode:

Contacting Us

You can reach Marna on Twitter as mwalle and by email.

You can reach Martin on Twitter as martinpacker and by email.

Or you can leave a comment below.

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